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Starting out his Mac life slipping into the senior Mac labs while in junior school, Shane progressed to DTP and level 1 certification as an Apple tech managing an Apple Service Center. Shane was the Senior Editor of AlwaysMac Magazine and is currently the Executive Editor of the Mac EvangeList iWriters and the Daily Digest.
Shane Anderson's main page is here

Milo, the author of has programmed computers since 1957, including mainframes, super computers, minicomputers, and Microcomputers, and NASA satellites. He's worked in dozens of assembly languages high level languages. Milo also a musician, an artist, and a film editor.
Milo's main page is here


A Mac user since '86, Devin has written about technology for, the Dallas Observer, Beyond Magazine, and the Dallas Times Herald and is a frequent guest on the ABC's World News Now. At one point, Devin owned all four spokes in Apple's "product wheel." He lives with two cats and a lot of networked hardware.
Devin Pike's main page is here

Marty Dodge is a 34 year-old author/novelist/critic/journalist.  A self described Deist and Radical Liberal (modern libertarian) of the late 1800s, his politics are for limited government, a flat tax, laissez faire economics together with the Age of Reason. His calling card reads simply; Cynic, Cyberpunk and Raconteur.
Marty Dodge's main page is here


Adam is a Computer Science major at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. At age 6 when his father bought a Mac to manage his recording studio, Adam started programming and later worked in tech-support for REAL Software, Inc. Now freelancing, he publishes his software under the SiliconOrb Software brand.
Adam Robinsons main page is here

Pete Rhinehardt is a teacher in a southern Maine day treatment facility. Our clients are troubled youths, children with emotional scars and disabilities. We consider it a very good day if we don't have to call the police. He also does freelance consulting, web design and writing when he's not playing Legos or Scooby Doo with his wife and kids.
Pete Rhinehardt's main page is here


Isaac is currently attending Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Isaac will be focusing on the college side of Mac life dealing with topics such as the pro-Wintel administration, and everything else Mac related; not just from Richmond, but across the country and world. If you have a good college Mac story, e-mail Isaac.
Isaac Barker's main page is here

Majoring in Biology at Penn State and earning a Bachelor's degree, Susan realized she needed a Master's to make a living in a bio career. A love of people and technology lead to her role in tech support for a large school district. She nowlives in southern Virginia with her computer programming husband and 2 year old son.
Susan Carver's main page is here


Mark runs a mobile disco, write articles, some technical and some not. Familiar with virtually every DTP application, Mark has dabbled in programming & electronics since Cobol was state of the art and still fills his house with every gadget imaginable that he admits he will probably never use.
Mark Robertson's main page is here

Jason is an Apple rep, studying Psychology, specifically, Sleep Research, and spends time keeping the Macs up to date and working among a PD dominated school. Jason plans to write from a student/evangelistic/hard-edged NY'er perspective, dealing mostly with his frustration with the windoze plebes, and IT fools.
Jason Birnbaum's main page is here


Chuck Rogers has been involved with Macs since 1985. He has managed an Apple dealership, started his own Macintosh consulting company, which became a reseller and authorized service center. He was the Small Business Evangelist for three years at Apple Computer. Chuck is currently the Chief Evangelist for MacSpeech, Inc.
Chuck Rogers' main page is here