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Mac EvangeList iWriter - Susan Carver
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Majoring in Biology at Penn State and earning a Bachelor's degree, Susan realized she needed a Master's to make a living in a bio career. A love of people and technology lead to her role in tech support for a large school district. She nowlives in southern Virginia with her computer programming husband and 2 year old son.

Susan Carver's Love Affair

Have you ever taken something for granted, only to really appreciate it when it’s not there, or it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to? Maybe your clothes drier goes on the fritz, and you’ve got to hang all that wet laundry around your house until the repairman comes. Or perhaps on your way to work one day, you get a flat tire, and instead of being at your desk at 8am, working on your assignment, you’re standing by the side of the road, waiting for the towtruck. It’s times like these that make you really appreciate the things in your life that you might not have noticed before. My most recent wake-up call like that happened not too long ago҆.
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