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Pete Rhinehardt is a teacher in a southern Maine day treatment facility. Our clients are troubled youths, children with emotional scars and disabilities. We consider it a very good day if we don't have to call the police. He also does freelance consulting, web design and writing when he's not playing Legos or Scooby Doo with his wife and kids.

Windows Products--As seen on TV!

"What is that?" my wife asks.
"Oh, that's the new iMac," I say.
"It looks like a desk lamp. An ugly desk lamp. I like our green one better," she says.
"It's blue, Bondi blue," I say.
"Yeah, whatever," she retorts.

"Yeah, but this is the whole thing. Everything in our iMac is in this one, and a whole lot more. DVD, CD-RW, more RAM and it has a G4 in it. I'll bet the CD player won't vibrate the thing off the desk either. And, see? The screen moves, too!"

"It still looks like an ugly, fat desk lamp," my wife argues. "I'm not impressed."

There's no point in continuing; she gets the last word in or things will escalate and I'll wind up on the couch for the night. The cold, emptiness of space has nothing on our couch at night, alone.
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Windows Products--As seen on TV - Fri, 29 Feb 2002

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