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Mac EvangeList iWriter - Marty Dodge
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Marty Dodge is a 34 year-old author/novelist/critic/journalist.  A self described Deist and Radical Liberal (modern libertarian) of the late 1800s, his politics are for limited government, a flat tax, laissez faire economics together with the Age of Reason. His calling card reads simply; Cynic, Cyberpunk and Raconteur

Giants: Citizen Kabuto MacPlay

Giants is the eagerly awaited 3rd person shooter/building game from MacPlay. This stunning looking game has all the appearances of a classic game, until you truly get into the game that is. Starting with the fact that the game did not include multiplayer, although prominently advertised on the box - it is necessary to actually have bought the game before discovering a sheet of paper that says they are working on the multiplayer patch, a quirk that somewhat violates the UK Consumer Protection Acts. With that said the download is a relatively simple operation, advertised as only 4 Megabytes, yet is actually 12 Megabytes.

Gameranger, the Macintosh online gaming service, is included on the Giant1s CD set. The trouble is, Giants is an OSX game and there is no version of

Gameranger for OSX, although the interaction between Gameranger running under Classic and Giants running under OS X does not present any problems. A release date for the OSX version of Scott Kevill's service is, I understand, imminent.

In Giants you play 3 different races all vying for control of an a series of islands. These three races do not get along with each other, or there would be no game. You, the player must play each race in a specific order beginning with the 3Meccs2 (Meccaryns)- a bunch of cockney space adventurers stranded en route to Planet Majorca, Sea Reapers and lastly, but by no means least, Kabuto a gigantic ape-like monster created by the Sea Reapers to

help dispose of the indigenous Smartey population. Each race has its own particular skills and tricks.
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