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Isaac Barker is currently attending Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Isaac will be focusing on the college side of Mac life, writing about how we deal with the pro-Wintel administration; not just here, but across the across the country. If you have a good Mac story from a college campus, e-mail Isaacfrom his main page.

I'll Keep My Mac - Tuesday, 5 March 2002

Last spring, I attended the orientation for my major, bio-medical engineering. My uncle asked the dean if I would have any problems using a Mac for my personal computer. The dean scoffed and said, "No one uses a Mac in the real world, I discourage students from using them here." After my uncle pressed some, he got the dean to admit that it I purchased Virtual PC, I should be able to do most everything.

Since classes started in late August, I have not had to fire up VPC for a school related project once. The cds that come with my textbooks run on a Mac. None of the programs I use outside of labs are PC only. I've had no problems with the T1 network in the dorm. Quake 3 multiplayer works great. Why then was my dean so insistent that I not get a Mac?

I dislike it when people try and tell me what "no one" does. I attended the BioMedical Engineering Society's (BMES) national conference in Durham, NC, in early October. I saw many people presenting their projects and sharing ideas with the other engineers there. I noticed that a few, perhaps ten, of the presenters were using Macs. I saw Powerbook G3s, iBooks, and some TiBooks, which made the Powerbook 190c I was carrying to take notes on seem woefully inadequate. It would seem that the real world does in fact use Macs.
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