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A Mac user since '86, Devin has written about technology for, the Dallas Observer, Beyond Magazine, and the Dallas Times Herald and is a frequent guest on the ABC's World News Now. At one point, Devin owned all four spokes in Apple's "product wheel." He lives with two cats and a lot of networked hardware.

Clogging the Pipe (or DSL Hell)

Hopefully, you haven't tried to e-mail me at my normal e-mail address over the last month. If you have, you've probably gotten an error message that the mail wasn't going through, because the server is offline.

There's a reason for that. It's Southwestern Bell, and their Emerging Products division, which controls DSL service.

Apologies, gentle readers, but this is going to get VERY long. I recommend you read it, since it's a cautionary tale for anyone looking to get DSL. I know that I've heard all of the horror stories about broadband, but I thought they were all smoke and bitterness.

Last month, I moved into a new apartment with my brother-in-arms, Marty. When we were talking about getting a place together, we discussed our various options of high-speed access, and a way to move my web server in-house. Though we could have gotten a better deal with other DSL providers, such as DirecTV DSL, Marty assured me that SBC had given him no problems in the 15 months that he had been a customer. Since we were moving into a new apartment in the same complex, the distance to switch, a magical and mystical number in the DSL realm, should not be a problem either.
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Clogging the Pipe (or DSL Hell) - Thu, 18 Apr 2002
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