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Chuck Rogers has been involved with Macs since 1985. He has managed an Apple dealership, started his own Macintosh consulting company, which became a reseller and authorized service center. He was the Small Business Evangelist for three years at Apple Computer. Chuck is currently the Chief Evangelist for MacSpeech, Inc.

The Dog and the Order Pad

There's this guy with the unlikely name of Zig Ziglar. He is originally from Yazoo, Mississippi, where made a living by selling pots and pans door-to-door. He was very successful at it and would share the secrets of his success with his fellow salesmen. It then dawned on him that he could make more money teaching people how to become successful sales people - and by selling his sales training materials - than he could by selling pots and pans.

Zig has a saying. "You can send a dog with an order pad around its neck into a crowd of people and someone will sign it."

That was before the Internet.

Around the time CyberDog(1) was being developed there was another saying: "On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog."

Well, the Internet provides a huge crowd. The dog is anyone with an email address and a list of other email addresses, and the order pad is the email itself. This is called Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE). Perhaps you know this by its more recognized name, spam(2).
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The Dog and the Order Pad Thu, 28 Feb 2002

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