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Mac EvangeList iWriter - Adam Robinson
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Adam is a Computer Science major at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. At age 6 when his father bought a Mac to manage his recording studio, Adam started programming and later worked in tech-support for REAL Software, Inc. Now freelancing, he publishes his software under the SiliconOrb Software brand.

An Introduction to Creating Your Own Software Part 2

Planning & Design

In today's programming education materials, common practice is the classic "Hello World" application, in which the phrase "Hello World" (hence the name) is displayed somehow in a simple application. While this is an application in the technical sense, it is not in the practical sense, which begs the question: what's the point? That is why we are going to jump right into building a fairly sizeable application, a word processor, by taking the project piece-by-piece and working our way up higher and higher until we have a fully developed word processor..
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An Introduction to Creating Your Own Software Part 2 - Wed, 17 Apr 2002
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