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The Mac EvangeList List
Every Mac user should be a Mac EvangeList member. But what is the Mac EvangeList?
The Mac EvangeList is not the Mac community's favourite email list because we market it well, in fact we don't market it at all. We have grown simply through word of mouth. What will attract you is the great news and information, much of which is exclusive to us. The Mac EvangeList is not a discussion list, so you will not be inundated with off-topic rants, mindless chatter or time wasting nonsense. Everything is fully moderated and checked before being posted for accuracy. We are sure you will enjoy receiving it.
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The XList
If you use Mac OS X or plan to in the future, you will find the XList a formidable resource that will aid you in making the move to OS X as smooth as possible. The XList has memmbers from new Mac users to Macintosh book authors and Apple employees. The XList while not moderated and a free discussion list, does not suffer from the bikkering and flaming that occurs on similar lists. If you're on any other other OS X list, you should find this change refreshing. Click here to see subscription options.

The RC5 List
Run the client, join the list, run the client better...KILL THE COW! Click here to see subscription options.

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