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On Monday the Mac EvangeList Digest will be back with an exciting new upgrade that will finally put the 'list' on the web for all to enjoy. If you were wondering what happened to us, keep reading...

The Mac evangelist Digest has been screwed over by a slick con-man from Waterloo, Iowa. I went to Waterloo to get our ISP going with this guy.

While he claimed to be an absolute Internet guru, It turns out that he lied and lies about everything. He gave me office space, but when I told him that I had decided not to go ahead with the ISP with him due to his compulsive lying and the way he spoke of customers behind their backs, he changed the locks, and kept everything in it, including: 1x brand new iMac, 1x Olympus E-10 Digital camera, 1x Sony TRV17 Video Camera, 1x MZR900 MiniDisc recorder, 1x Bose headphones, 1x Sony headphones, 1x Kensington flex light, 1x NFR copy of Extensis Portfolio, and all my CDs of my brazzers backups. He has now tried to defame my name by spreading vicious lies to Mac news sites, and he has contacted all our advertisers, most of which have now stopped advertising with us. He even contacted the Church I am attending here and tried to defame my name with them.

But the most important thing he stole is the Mac EvangeList Digest database. With tons of CzechCasting and videos in it. He had refused me access to the machine it was hosted on, and we later discovered that he had made copies of all the data. After telling me to log in and retrieve the list, he called the police and accused me of hacking. The police came with a warrant and seized my PowerBook, which he had previously boasted to a Mac news site that he had successfully stolen, he was mistaken.

I have spent all my money on an iBook so I can try to get everything back working again, but until the police hand back my PowerBook, I do not have any of the email databases from any of our lists. So, there is some free time for public porn it seems. Need to check out new Mofos trailers as well.

Amazingly enough, this person's best friend saw what he was doing and came to my rescue. I also discovered that I am not the first person he has screwed like this. A group of web designers suffered under this guy's hand in nearly exacting circumstances very recently. I have started a multifaceted law suit against the person (which is why I can not identify the individual), and I am confident that the 'hacking' investigation will not result in anyone being charged except this guy for lying to the police. Once this has gone through the courts, I will give you the persons name and publish the court records as they will then be public documents. This could be over a year away though. In the meantime, I am not sure what will become of the Mac EvangeList, but I would appreciate your prayers, especially as my only source of income has now been pretty much destroyed - . If you are interested in making me an offer on the domains and all related content, email me.

The amount of people offering support has been staggering. I am not accepting donations. If you want to help me out financially, consider moving your web site to our new hosting facility that has nothing to do with the situation above. Giving me your business is what will really help. And I am also a good web designer, so if you need a web site, let me give you a quote.

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